Seven Two Seven One Two Consulting

Maximizing Retailer Relationships

A Bentonville, Arkansas based boutique consulting firm specializing in consumer goods merchandising strategies and retailer relationships.  We cater to the needs of all consumable goods manufacturers, both branded and private label, with particular competency in Over-the-Counter and Consumable products.  We won't replace your sales team or broker, we'll work side-by-side with them.  And if your current broker just doesn't seem to be getting the job done, allow us to recommend one with the contacts and relationships at Walmart to get things moving again.  

It can be intimidating to deal with large retailers.  Let us be your coach and help you formulate the best approach for your product.   We can help you understand the metrics that buyers use in evaluating the performance of your items, and what their expectations will be. Let us educate you on what drives retailer merchandising decisions.  

Our life is merchandise! Leverage a former Walmart Divisional Merchandise Manager (DMM) to help with brand development, product differentiation, line extensions, packaging options, and secondary placement.  



Unfortunately, problems can and do arise, and expert advise can be invaluable. Let us help you formulate a plan to mitigate downside and limit conflict with the issues inherent in selling product to retailers: item delistings, recalls, missed modular ship dates, product mis-labeling, price increases, retailer selling terms "asks", etc.   

M&A Analysis/Board of Directors

Broker Referrals

Merchandising Strategies

Let us put our years of retail buying and management experience to work for you.  We are experts in consumables, with particular emphasis on merchandising over-the-counter products.  We've been retained by some of the largest manufacturers in the United States to help develop strategies that maximize sales.  We won't replace your broker or sales team, we'll work side-by-side with them.   



Is your current broker to Walmart not getting the job done?  Let a seasoned former Walmart Senior Buyer and DMM assist in  selecting a well-respected, new broker to spearhead your sales efforts with Walmart.  We know the best of the best--from dealing with them from the Walmart side of the table.   We can make recommendations based on individual strengths in whichever product segment  you desire representation. 

Leverage our experience to assist in the evaluation and competitive positioning of acquisition targets.  We can take some of the mystery out of brands and items to help you make an educated decision.

Interested in having a seasoned retailer in an advisory capacity?  We are seeking Board of Directors assignments for both new and established companies.